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US analytics company brings precision agriculture to Kenyan farmers


EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), a US-based global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, has partnered with Agrvision, a Kenyan-based startup providing cost-effective agri-tech solutions to the agriculture and forestry markets, to help it develop a precision agriculture business model and assist with creating sustainable food security programs for Eastern Africa.

According to a company statement, Agrvision will continue to contribute to the social and economic developments of agriculture and forestry sectors in the region using EOSDA Crop Monitoring, an online satellite-based precision agriculture platform for field monitoring, and the company’s custom solutions that include crop classification and yield prediction.

“Agrvision will utilize the EOSDA Crop Monitoring platform to provide consultancy to the regional governments, farming cooperatives, input suppliers, food producers, and other agribusinesses. EOS Data Analytics will also supplement its platform with the high-resolution imagery feature, allowing Agrvision daily access to processed satellite images of the fields they monitor.

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Climate change, food insecurity, and lack of accurate data and analytics negatively affect the agriculture and forestry sector. We are thrilled by the fact that the strategic collaboration with EOSDA will allow Agrvision to develop digital tools empowered by advanced data collection and analytics technologies and help the agricultural sector in the Middle East and East Africa enhance their food security programs and reach more sustainable outcomes,” said Strategic Partnerships Lead at EOS Data Analytics Brijesh Thoppil in a statement.

For its part, Agrvision outlined that the partnership will ramp up its efforts of promoting remote sensing-based precision agriculture technologies among governments, NGOs, and other entities interested in developing agriculture and forestry in Eastern Africa.

The agricultural sector contributes 33 per cent to the GDP of the Kenyan economy, but it appears to be highly vulnerable to climate change. Together with poor farming practices, low-quality inputs, and lack of access to knowledge, there is a critical demand for reliable solutions ensuring sustainable food production for the region’s growing population.

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Together with its partners and customers, Agrvision aims to make an impact in the agricultural transformation and food production approach in the region of Eastern Africa. Agrvision performs gap analysis and helps develop a step-by-step digitalization roadmap for the customers’ agribusiness sustainability strategies.

The partnership with EOS Data Analytics will allow Agrvision to make remote sensing and precision agriculture technologies more accessible and practical and deliver more accurate and insightful data to the local farmers and agribusinesses.

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