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SRAR 9065 F1 is the new money maker tomato

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Tomato farmers keen to make money within a short period of time with tomato farming should consider STAR 9065 F1 tomato variety which has very high quality characteristics attractive to customers and more marketable than any other varieties according to Samuel Gacheru, a Sales Agronomist- Starke Ayres Company.

“Under proper agronomical practices STAR 9065 F1 produce a medium maturity fruits with uniform size and perfect shape. It has thick, fleshy succulent pericarp and a wall of moderate thickness giving it a longer shelf life,” said Gacheru.

STAR 9065 F1 matures in 75-80 days after transplanting and as harvesting date varies by as much as ten days between late and early season plantings planning planting schedules should be considered. Mature fruits are blocky, cylindrical fruit with an average mass of 130-160g.

“It is a deep red coloured fruit, good flavor without green shades making it attractive and more marketable,” said Gacheru.

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The tomato variety is also resistant to Verticillium Wilt (Va,Vd), Fusarium Wilt (Fol 1, 2), Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV). It is also tolerant to Root-knot Nematodes (Ma, Mi, Mj), Bacterial Wilt (Rs) and Powdery Mildew (Lt). it further provides the grower with an open growth habit, producing uniform fruit with some of the highest fruit quality in its class.

A case study by Starke Ayres Company on Ms. Evelyne       Munyeti’s farm in Mutituni around Machakos town shows that the farmer had bumper harvest just out of her 10, 000 STAR 9065 F1 seeds she had bought and planted on her  one acre piece of land. The seeds showed uniform germination and seedling vigour.

“Based on its unbeatable performance in the market, I recommend STAR 9065 F1 for fellow farmers because it can do well even in the export markets,” said Gacheru.






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