Smart tool tells farmers cows are ripe for artificial insemination


Farmers can increase chances of knowing when their cows are on heat by more than 85 per cent by installing a smart farming tool that reports directly to their telephones.

It is estimated that farmers lose up to 60 per cent of revenue per year per cow in failed artificial insemination (AI) because of inaccurate determination of the fertile cycle, which comes once a month.

Domotele Technologies Consultant Alfred Ahuta installs the ‘Connected Cow’ device to monitor the animals reproduction cycle.

The Machine to Machine communication has been tested and it has given 86.6 per cent accuracy.

“With the data collected and stored in the Internet cloud, a farmer works with the AI officers to accurately determine when the cow should be served to increased changes of conception,” he said.

The sensors are linked to the cloud with a simcard chip, which is offering a local Internet connection at the parlour towards a centralised system in the Machine to Machine communication channel.

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PHOTO COURTESY: vetstudentresearch.blogspot.com1600 

Ahuta is based in Nairobi. He can be reached on +254723213125


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