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Meru farmer selling mature mango plants in small pots

Urban farming enthusiasts, and especially those living in rented spaces, can dabble in fruit farming after the introduction of potted miniature mango plants by prominent orchard manager, Henry M’Tiiri.

Mr. M’Tiiri, whose nursery is in Meru County, but supplies seedlings to all of East Africa, is selling ready-to-fruit mango plants, that come in neat pots, and which can easily sit in the doorsteps of apartments.

“The trees serve as ornamental plants, but also yield sweet mangoes,” M’Tiiri told Farmbiz Africa.

One mango tree costs between KSh2,000 and KSh4,000, depending on the maturity levels and can produce fruit once a year for up to 10 years.

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Among the varieties at M’Tiiri’s nursery are Kent, Saharni, Tommy Atkins and Apple Mangoes.

And it is not just mangoes that M’Tiiri has developed for urban Kenyan farmers.

He also has miniature apple, strawberry guava and pomegranate trees, which fruit twice a year and which cost between KSh300 and KSh500 each.

Maintaining the plants is easy too. “All that one needs to do is add farmyard manure every few months and watering. The beauty of these plants is that they do not grow bigger and can easily be carried around, for instance in cases where one is changing houses,” said M’Tiiri. 

Those who wish to start their own plants can get young seedlings at KSh300, which they can then transfer to pots.


Those interested in the plants can call Henry M’Tiiri on phone number 0723992728

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