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Kenyan farmers embrace high yielding super cow


More than 20, 000 framers in Kenya have now adopted Fleckvieh breed of cattle which has faster maturity, higher milk and beef production qualities than other breeds giving the farmers higher yields of dairy and beef products.

Fleckvieh can be reared alone or crossbred by other pedigree breeds. During its first lactation time the breed produces 25 litres of milk per day and on its second lactation the milks production shoots to 40 litres per day according to local cattle breeders.

“At its peak the Friesian produces 25 to 50 litres from its first to optimum lactation period. Even when the Fleckvieh is sick, the lowest the milk production will fall is 15 litres. This places Fleckvieh in the category of high producing dairy breeds hence loved by many farmers,” said Mr. Kimani Muya of Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre (KAGRC) in Lower Kabete.

If a farmer cross breeds Fleckvieh bull with other breeds for instance Friesian cow which produces 15 litres of milk a day, the heifer will have the potential to produce about 20 litres of milk per day owing the genetically quality from Fleckvieh.

For beef farmers, Fleckvieh gains more body mass faster than other beef and dairy breeds. Within six months a calf can weigh 300kgs. Yet its daily average consumption of feed is 40kg, while a Friesian breed can daily feed on 70kgs due to genetic difference. A mature cow weighs about 650-800 kilograms.

Fleckvieh semen cost between Sh800 and Sh4,000 per serving, depending on the sire or bull from which the semen is obtained. KAGRC which has its sales representatives all over the country sells a straw of Fleckvieh semen at Sh250.

Fleckvieh breed which was introduced in the country nine years ago by Fleckvieh Genetics East Africa (FGEA) from South Africa can adapt to the environment in  most areas in Kenya with cool and hot climates such as the Coast Region  because the breed is less prone to Mastitis, the udder disease and resistant to tsetse fly bites. This means Fleckvieh owners will not have to incur huge veterinary bills.

For Semen from top Fleckvieh bulls reach Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre (KAGRC) on +254786204400 or Fleckvieh Genetics East Africa (FGEA) on +254 712 095 555, +254 727 665 885


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