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Kenchic sourcing broiler chicken contract farmers

Kenchic Limited has embarked on a program to commercialise broiler poultry production in Kenya. Through this scheme, successful farmers will be contracted by Kenchic and linked with development partners for set up/ expansion capital under the poultry commercialisation program.

The leading producer of day-old chicks in East Africa is looking for a dedicated and passionate individual with a desire to expand or venture into commercial poultry farming. If you fit this criterion, submit your application through

Through the contract scheme, Kenchic will provide high-quality pre-vaccinated chicks, feed, technical backup, and support from their experienced professional team with competitive contract terms and guaranteed offtake.

Minimum Specifications:
  1. Land Size:

Five acres minimum of arable land.

  1. Access and Roads:

-Good access to the site.

-Well-maintained internal roads with ample space for a truck to maneuver.

  1. Location

Within a radius of 100 Kilometres from the Kenchic processing plant at Ngoliba

  1. Housing:

House size capacity to hold a minimum of 10,000 birds as per the poultry standards or ability to build a house meeting these specifications. 

  1. Power Supply:

-Connection to the National Grid, with a backup power system in place. 

-Ability to install a reliable power supply if not already available.

  1. Water Supply:

Borehole or mains water supply on the premises.

How to Apply:

To manage this process, Kenchic Ltd has appointed SRM eProcurement as the consultant for this Expression of Interest exercise. 

The application process will be conducted electronically on SRM eProcurement Portal. If you possess the required qualifications and are ready to embark on a journey in poultry farming, submit your application through:

For inquiries, drop an email to OR

Kenchic Limited reserves the right to accept or reject any bid in whole or in part without giving reasons.

Closing Date and Time: February 26th, 2024, at 1600 hours, EAT.

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