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Govt implements new rules on commercial tea leaf transporters

As part of the government’s ongoing effort to streamline Kenya’s tea sector, it is implementing Section 37 (1) & 40 of the Tea Act, 2020 which will regulate the transportation of the green leaf by tea factories and the registration of commercial green tea leaves transporters.

Transportation of green leaf by tea factories

As part of the new rules: 

  1. A tea factory shall register all its vehicles for transportation of green leaf with the Board using the prescribed format; 
  2. All green leaf transportation vehicles shall bear green leaf transportation stickers issued by the Tea Board of Kenya; 
  3. A tea factory shall ensure that all its green leaf transportation vehicles are labelled with the factory’s name which is clear, legible, and visible at all times; 
  4. A tea factory shall ensure green leaf transportation vehicles comply with Kenya Tea Industry Code of Practice KS 2128 on transportation of green leaf; 
  5. A tea factory shall ensure that green leaf transportation is done by designated vehicles/tractors with a capacity of not less than 3.0 tonnes; 
  6. A tea factory shall ensure that all its green leaf transportation vehicles /carriers are designed in a manner that allows free air circulation to the green leaf being transported; 
  7. A tea factory shall ensure that its green leaf transporters do not collect, transport, or deliver green leaf from growers other than those registered with the factory; 
  8. A tea factory shall ensure that all its green leaf transporters maintain records of the green leaf collected in a manner that is verifiable. The records shall show the list of growers assigned to the green leaf transporter, cumulative collection, routes, and collection centers; A tea factory shall not receive green leaf from a commercial green leaf transporter who is not registered with the Board; 
  9. A tea factory shall sign a commercial green leaf transportation contract with all its commercial green leaf transporters supplying green leaf to the factory and avail valid copies of the agreements to the Board; 
  10. A tea factory shall maintain a copy of the commercial green leaf transportation contract at the factory for inspection by the Board; 
  11. A tea factory shall certify the list of tea growers, collection centres, and route(s) assigned to its green leaf transporters; 
  12. A tea factory shall regularly update details of its green leaf transportation vehicles registered with the Board;

All tea factories will be required to comply with the additional conditions in addition to their existing terms and conditions of their current licenses, by 11th October 2023.

Registration of commercial green leaf transporters 

Section 37 of the Tea Act requires all persons intending to carry on the business of commercial green leaf transportation to register with the Board. 

All persons, firms, or bodies providing green leaf transportation services to tea factories are therefore required to comply with Section 37 of the Act by registering with the Tea Board of Kenya by 11th October 2023. 

Applications for registration of green leaf transporters shall be made through 

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The Tea Board of Kenya shall take legal action against any Tea Factory and/or Green Leaf Transporter who fails to comply with the above conditions in line with the provisions of the Tea Act, 2020. 

Any inquiries may be directed to the office of the Ag Chief Executive Officer through

Photo Courtesy: Kenya Tea Development Agency Holdings Limited

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