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Embu trader looking for 10M Tonnes of cassava for export to China

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By George Munene

An agro commodities trader based in Embu is looking for a consistent annual supply of 10 million tonnes of dried cassava for export to China.

Dennis Fundi, who previously exported shelled macadamia to the Southeast Asian nation, said he has had difficulty rounding up enough farmers to meet a fraction of this requirement.

“I have managed to get in contact with a number of cassava growers around Embu but the numbers are still minuscule and the supply erratic. If I could at least meet half of the order, we’d send samples of the crop to China and get the ball rolling,” Dennis said.

The cassava should have starch content over 67 per cent; moisture, fiber, and silica levels under 14 per cent, five per cent, and three per cent respectively.

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In tropical regions, cassava is cultivated as an annual crop, and it is the third-highest source of carbohydrates.

Between 2022-2030 the cassava market is expected to grow 3.9 per cent and reach a market value of $ 5.5 Billion in the forecast period. This will be buoyed by the growth of its use in new industries such as biofuel, animal feed, and laundry. 

Dennis Fundi: 0700362814

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