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Quick Guide to Butchering Rabbit Meat for Consumption

Rabbit meat is considered healthier than normal red meat due to its high protein content, iron, phosphorous and potassium, with its low cholesterol contents adding to the already heavy bag of health benefits. This has prompted a boom in commercial rabbit rearing across the world, with farmers smiling their ways to banks.

Yet, even as a lot of people crave a piece of rabbit meat, not many can properly butcher the animal for human consumption.  Farmbiz Africa now gives a quick guide to help you along.

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1. Target and hit the vain connecting the neck and the head. This will kill the animal.  Be careful not too use too much force because this may cause the rabbit to bleed from body openings, blooding the meat.
2. Hang the rabbit on a butcher station, with the head facing down and lower limbs hooked.
3. Cut the fur or skin from the leg, being careful not to nick the bladder.
4. Cut the skin then pull it down carefully to expose the meat.
5. Cut on either side of the anus, through the tail, and then pull down. Cut off the upper feet and freely remove the entire skin.
6. Use two fingers to keep distance away from the gut as you fish out intestines. Pull guts out and sever the connective tissue near the spine, careful not to damage or drop the liver in the bucket.
7. Keenly pinch the gall bladder right where it connects to the liver and pull it off, lest it will bitter the meat. Cut off the ribs and remove lungs and hear before finally cutting off back feet.
8. Rinse the meat with cold water before storing.

Reference: Rabbit wringer

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