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Brookside distributes Super Napier Grass to farmers

Brookside Dairy has begun the distribution of Super Napier Grass (Pakchong 1) planting material to its network of farmers in high milk-producing regions in an effort to improve milk output.

The initiative follows successful trials on the fodder and seeks to ensure there is a continual milk supply to the milk processor.

Speaking in Nakuru at the project’s launch last week, Emmanuel Kabaki– Brookside’s Milk Procurement General Manager– noted: “After successful trials, we are glad to share cuttings of Super Napier with our farmers for onward establishment on their farms. This is a sustainability project that seeks to address the effects of vagaries of weather on milk production.

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We are glad to play a role in this initiative, which enables farmers to access the planting material. They will also learn about various cultivars of forages, which could be beneficial to the dairy industry in the long run, as we address emerging challenges resulting from climate change.”

Developed in Thailand by Dr. Krailas Kiyothong, Pakchong 1 contains protein content of 16-18 per cent It is also high biomass, with farmers harvesting up to 200 tons of the fodder per acre yearly. This is sufficient to feed 15 dairy cows for a year.

“Super Napier grass has already shown promising results. Farmers in North Rift who planted the grass last year have recorded a significant increase of 7-12 liters of milk,” said Philip Pyeko from New KCC in an interview with Farmbizafrica.

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