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Biological solution helps naturally control soil-borne fungal diseases

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                                                                Trichotech is applied preventively – before diseases occur in the plants.

Dudutech’s biological solution for control of soil-borne fungal diseases in a bid to promote environmentally and socially intelligent farming at a time when 14,300 Kenyans are dying annually due to soil, air, and water pollution.

The solution, trichotech, contains spores of soil-dwelling fungi that prevent potentially harmful microbes by providing a barrier to combat disease-causing fungi.

In this, the solution produces chemical metabolites, which inhibit various developmental stages of plant disease-causing fungi in crops such as tomatoes and pepper.

According to Dudutech, the biological solution produces enzymes that enable the fungus to invade and parasitize plant pathogenic fungi.

This thus increases plant growth vigor by releasing locked nutrients from decaying organic matter; supplying nutrients to plant roots.

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The application recommendations on plants vary depending on the target crop and method of application.

In the case of drip irrigation, apply 125g of trichotech per hectare. The biological solution is added to five liters of water and mixed thoroughly. The suspension is then added into a large tank and the volume is increased to 1500 liters. It is then applied to plants using the drip system which ensures even distribution.

For drench application, prepare a suspension of trichotech at the rate of 125g/ha in five liters of water and mix thoroughly. Add the mixture into a large drenching container and make up the volume of water to adequately cover the target area. Pour into a watering can or sprayer/applicator and apply evenly onto the target area.

In-dip application is recommended as a pre-transplant application for rooted plants or cuttings. Prepare a paste of 125g/ha trichotech in 20 liters of water. Place rooted transplants/cuttings in a perforated crate and dip roots into the paste. Plant the seedling as soon as they are dipped.

The biological solution should be stored in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, and may be stored for up to six months in the original unopened container marinated at eight to 12 degrees Celsius.

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Real gross value added in the agricultural sector grew at a decelerated rate of 1.6 per cent from Sh879.6bn in 2016 to Sh893.3bn in 2017. This was occasioned by drought, pests, and disease incidence which resulted in reduced crop and livestock production. Maize production declined from 37.8 million bags in 2016 to 35.4 million bags in 2017. Tea and coffee production decreased by 7.0 per cent and 11.5 per cent to 439.8 thousand tonnes and 40.8 thousand tonnes, respectively in 2017.

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