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Fertilizer plant to produce 300,000tonnes yearly lowering cost

Farmers in Uganda are set to enjoy reduced fertilizer prices with the launch of a mega fertilizer plant in Tororo as statistics indicate that the country’s agricultural productivity has shrunk to 1.5 percent largely due to lack of affordable fertilizer and inputs. ad more

Oyster mushroom cultivation

Mushrooms are fruiting bodies of fungi. They lack chlorophyll and therefore they must feed on plants or animal matter. Mushroom’s short growth cycle of about 4 weeks and smaller space requirement pits them against many field crops. ad more

7D movie theater redefines family entertainment

For Sh350 Kenya kids can enjoy a breathtaking live cinema experience at the 7D cinema movie theatres in Thika Road Mall, the first of its kind in East Africa. Some of the 7D cinema experience movie goers get to enjoy include special effects such as water, blowing wind, fragrance among many others. Read more

Trade finance options for Kenya's small businesses

Firm-level data collected by the World Bank show that access to finance is perceived as one of the main obstacles to doing business with financing being a greater obstacle for SMEs than it is for large firms. Banks in the country have however stepped up resolve to finance struggling startups and small business with tailor made products. Read more

SMS cuts down on SMEs spending

With an implosion of SMEs in the country keen on cutting down on spending and maximizing profits, a range of opportunities and business tools are emerging to address these needs. One such is a mobile application that allows the businesses to communicate and send bills and invoices via SMS at affordable rates. Read more

Kenya kids’ artwork to appear on Cartoon Network

Kenyan children will have a chance to have their artwork featured on on a promo for Cartoon Network’s show, Ben 10 Omniverse. Cartoon Network, an animated American television channel, has partnered with the Britam Foundation to improve wildlife conservancy in the country. ad more

Western farmers eye increased yields with training

Over 40,000 smallholder farmers from western Kenya are set to train on new age farming, in a move meant to spur more yields and incomes at a time when the climate change and poor soils have taken a toll on the area’s production capacity. ad more

Tendersoko simplifies procurement with digital tendering

Companies and individuals listing and seeking tenders in Kenya can do it by a click of a mouse and for a small fee of at least  Sh5000 a month, thanks for TenderSoko, an on line platform that help companies cut on heavy advertising costs in main stream media while feeding tender seekers with timely information. Read more

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International markets open up to semi arid Kenya’s bio products

A not for profit organization is working with farmers in arid areas to tap into their natural resources and diversify their income with a honey beauty products venture in Laikipia and Samburu areas being the latest success story having now exposed farmers to export markets and provided alternative income. Read more...

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